Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle Swings and Old Friends

Tonight was a lot of fun! From "Battle Swings" (see the video below) to playing in a crazy cool Igloo shaped church in Kearney, Nebraska, and Gyros from NIck's Gyros... mmmm... good stuff! This was a really great way to kick off the tour dates. We got some great video that I'm hoping to get up online in the coming days. We'll see... I'm still really new at video blogging.

I especially enjoyed the chance to sit down with Kris, the youth pastor at Grace in Nebraska, and an old friend from his "After The Order" days. We shared some fun laughs together as we remembered crazy times like the "Festival turned Monsoon" where we scrambled under tarps trying to tear down the sound equipment. We also got to share some of the great things that God has been teaching us as of late... so much so that we forgot to help tear down... oops! I remember that now... Kris and I could get into deep conversations about spiritual things and completely forget ourselves. It's fun to have friends like that. That happens a lot in the band, too. We'll start talking about stuff we're passionate about (generally God, our families, the band, ministry in general) and time will fly by. Which is nice for long road trips.

Anyway, Josh took some pictures of the church and some other funny moments so hopefully he'll have some of those up in the next few days. In the meantime, when you think of us, please pray for our safety and the safety of our families.

Thanks much! See you on the road!