Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taking November Off

Well people, we're taking November off through Thanksgiving. In light of the fires in SoCal (where the rest of the tour was going) and the reality that more time off for vocal healing is better, I believe this is a wise decision. Plus more time at home with our families over some major holidays and the chance to sit quiet before God and let Him speak to us (you might be surprised how "noisy" it can get when you're "working" for God... sometimes you forget to sit and listen... or at the very least, just be quiet). I'm enjoying family time and quiet time.

So, we wish you a Happy Halloween (if you're so inclined) and a Happy Thanksgiving (as you should all be inclined). If anything interesting happens between now and then, I'll let you know!

Three Cord Wonder

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cancelled Shows - Part Two

Bad news, we had to clip a few more shows off the tour on account of my hoarse voice. I'm very sorry. It's frustrating. The upside is that by taking more time off, I should heal up to be able to finish off the rest of the tour dates (including the soon to be released West Coast dates). And with meds, training, and a lot of rest, I should be back to 100% in the next couple of months.

I think a few people might be wondering "so why did your voice bug out?"

I'll try to answer that according to the vocal docs explanation...

Basically, the biggest issue is that we went from playing a handful of show dates in the Spring and Summer to diving right into a full time schedule in mid-August. Essentially, I wasn't vocally prepared for the jump. To compensate for my lack of vocal strength, I would do something called "yelling on pitch," which is basically what it sounds like... yelling on key with the songs. On top of that, I've been singing wrong, breathing wrong, not warming up, not cooling down, and a whole host of "singing no-no's" that led to this vocal exhaustion.

Some contributing issues include allergies and acid reflux at night.

Add it all up and we're lucky that I didn't develop something called "Vocal Cord Nodules" (which can be really devastating). The "damage" I have done is very temporary and easy to fix, but it requires a bit of time... and until I get that time this December, I need longer breaks between sets of shows.

The good news (other than having no permanent damage) is that I am getting the vocal training I need... so apparently, I'll actually start singing better than I have been. Which is very cool!

So that's the scoop! See ya on the road.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Idaho Rocks!

Show us your rock'n'roll face!

Potato Metal Jesus Freaks!

Pocatello's own Crucial 777 rocks the crowd with their own blend of metal and hard rock. My cell phone was sufficiently rocked! Way to go, brothers!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cancelled Shows - Please Read

I regret to announce that we have cancelled the next five dates on the tour:

10 - Douglas, WY
11 - Rock Springs, WY
12 - Ogden, UT
13 - Ogden, UT
14 - Layton, UT

Last Friday in Fargo, ND, my voice started to really weaken and in Gillette, WY, we were only able to do 5 songs of our set. While I tried to take special care of my voice during our break time and we all spent a lot of time in prayer, I woke up today unable to sing. It's very frustrating. In seven years of performing, I can list the shows we've cancelled on one hand. So to have to cancel as many shows in one week as we have in seven years is really humbling.

To all of you who were planning on being at one of those shows, please accept my apologies.

For the Ogden/Layton fans, please be aware that we are scheduled to play in the Salt Lake City/Sandy, UT area (just under an hour away from you) on Thursday, October18.

Please pray for me as I go seek out some professional and medical advice. I would like to resolve this situation.

Three Cord Wonder

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Iain, Sound Artist!

Iain tests the sound system in Fargo, ND. We are lucky guys to have someone with his caliber of talent as a part of the band. When we say he is the most important of any of us, we are serious! Nest show you make it out to, thank him! He makes the show more than we do!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A bunch of students decided to mob 3CW because they thought the tickets they bought were for a real band. Boy, were they wrong!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle Swings and Old Friends

Tonight was a lot of fun! From "Battle Swings" (see the video below) to playing in a crazy cool Igloo shaped church in Kearney, Nebraska, and Gyros from NIck's Gyros... mmmm... good stuff! This was a really great way to kick off the tour dates. We got some great video that I'm hoping to get up online in the coming days. We'll see... I'm still really new at video blogging.

I especially enjoyed the chance to sit down with Kris, the youth pastor at Grace in Nebraska, and an old friend from his "After The Order" days. We shared some fun laughs together as we remembered crazy times like the "Festival turned Monsoon" where we scrambled under tarps trying to tear down the sound equipment. We also got to share some of the great things that God has been teaching us as of late... so much so that we forgot to help tear down... oops! I remember that now... Kris and I could get into deep conversations about spiritual things and completely forget ourselves. It's fun to have friends like that. That happens a lot in the band, too. We'll start talking about stuff we're passionate about (generally God, our families, the band, ministry in general) and time will fly by. Which is nice for long road trips.

Anyway, Josh took some pictures of the church and some other funny moments so hopefully he'll have some of those up in the next few days. In the meantime, when you think of us, please pray for our safety and the safety of our families.

Thanks much! See you on the road!


Battle Swings!

Pandemonium breaks out when Three Cord Wonder realizes they have nothing else to do while waiting for the show to begin. The result of this unfortunate amount of free time? The incarnation of the future's method of conflict resolution... BATTLE SWINGS!