Thursday, September 13, 2007

Steamboat Springs rocks!

I really wish we didn't forget Ben's camera. I would love to show you footage or even some stills from our crazy new friends in Steamboat Springs. We got a couple of messages from some students saying that it was one of their biggest youth group nights ever. Seems like crazy cool kids from all over Steamboat, Craig, and the surrounding mountain towns came out to celebrate.

We got a chance to play with Nate Allman ( again, and as usual, he did a fantastic job. He's got some great tunes you can check out on his site and myspace page.

Our favorite part (well, other than rocking out with a bunch of wild fans who knew the songs... which was cool considering it was our first time in Steamboat) was getting to hang out with the staff. From Chris, the sound guy extraordinaire who drove me around Steamboat looking for a power supply for my computer and telling me crazy stories of major bands he's mixed for, to Jake, the youth pastor/former CU football player who still looks like he could take you out with his pinky, but is an amazing servant and shared his broken heart for the teens in the area, to Nick who has the best laugh in the world and is as good at telling his own funny stories, and his future-rock-star wife Amy who was a tremendous encouragement to me, along with the host of interns and assistants who love Jesus, their students, and music... man, it was a great time.

Top it all off, we got to stay at the Hampton Inn in a 5 bed, 2 bathroom suite and hot breakfast this morning... yep, it was awesome!

But as always, our favorite part was hanging out with the staff, students, and music fans that came out. And God did some great work that night! It's always our greatest honor to get to be a part of what HE is doing, not us.

Alright, off to Green River, Wyoming in a few. I'm stoked!

See you next time, Steamboat!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome show! You guys have a definite call on your lives! I just read through some of the Blog... that stinks that you have to cancel those five shows- but we're praying for you that you can make it to Idaho and that we'll get to see you in Boise. Can't wait to hear how God works through this time and see how he'll get the glory for it all1 Love you guys like crazy! talk with you soon! God bless!
-Nick from Steamboat