Saturday, September 8, 2007

Conclusive Evidence that Joe from Three Cord Wonder is NOT cool...

I realize that most band guys spend a lot of time (and money) making sure that ridiculous photos of themselves do not fall into the hands of the general public. Publicists, management, even lawyers are brought in to quell the number of paparazzi shots of celebrities and leaders the world over. You're probably thinking "so why are there still a ton of photos in the tabloids at the supermarket?" Honestly, the answer is that there would be a whole lot more if it wasn't for this army of protectors that prevent the dissemination of such contraband.


But not with us. Nope... at Three Cord Wonder, we have no reason to make you think of us as something better than you. We're not. We never have been. We never will be. In fact, we celebrate the fact that we are just like you... and to some degree, inferior to you. Probably hard to believe that a band would say that. Most bands want you to think they're the greatest thing ever. Not us.

And to prove conclusively that we are lame-wads, we present:

EXHIBIT A - My Rear End Concert Sweat Spots!

Next time you feel depressed about yourself, just click on the picture, look at the sweat spots, and be reminded of how much cooler you are than your favorite lame band... Three Cord Wonder.

We're here for you!