Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rent "Rocky Balboa" Tonight!

So, I'm not much of a "sports movie" fan. Never really have been... there are inspiring moments in the good ones, but it's not really my deal. I know plenty about sports, can play 'em (not well, but enough to be a challenge at the church picnic!), enjoy watching a football game now and then (mostly to cheer for my favorite team... The Referees!). On that note, I'm not much of a "music movie" fan either, but I digress.

Having paitned that picture of myself and my "ho-hum" attitude towards flicks about sports, I say most emphatically that you all need to see "Rocky Balboa." It's been available to rent for a while now and if you have those cool RedBox $1 DVD rental stops near you, it should be there. It's easily one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's totally "anti-Hollywood" in the sense that the guy is faithful to his wife (who's been dead for a couple of years in the movie), doesn't curse (rated PG for some cool cinematography in the way they show the punches), and takes care of people in need without taking advantage of them. Best of all, it has not one, but SEVERAL inspiring monologues and moments in the movie. And the ending is perfect!

I wasn't a big Rocky movie fan. I think that Rocky fights Mr T in the second movie (I think) and the only one I think I saw was Rocky V where he fights the massive Russian dude. "Rocky Balboa" is an amazing movie. I'm glad they didn't call it "Rocky 6" or "Rocky Reloaded" or something like that. The movie really does stand alone and it stands as an amazing, inspiring, and encouraging movie, unlike the majority of what is available in theatres. And it's clean. That alone makes it worth seeing!

So, if you're looking for a great movie, "Rocky Balboa" is your movie. You'll walk away wanting to be a better person and empowered with the reminder that, in Christ, you can be!



Anonymous said...

Being that I'm a big Rocky fan, and have been since I was like three, it makes me happy that you appreciated "Rocky Balboa" so much. It is quite the inspirational tale.

A little FYI..Rocky faught Mr. T in Rocky III, and he faught "the massive Russian" in Rocky IV.