Thursday, August 30, 2007

Will Stop Working For Food!

Okay, I just wanted to post a quick, funny story from last night. We performed for Cherry Hills Community Church's youth ministry carnival yesterday and had a great time. Probably the first time that we played a concert surrounded by inflatable games and DID NOT go play against each other on them. I feel a little cheated...

But anyway, after tear-down (yep, we're the band that sticks around for tear-down as did "Justus" the opener band, way to go guys!), we helped Matt and John (the high school staff) put away the stage and push it down the quarter mile stretch from the youth ministry wing to the worship center wing. It was heavy and hard to push. Half the time, I think Iain was just leaning on the stage, rather than pushing.

But anyway, we had finally got it to a great momentum when all of a sudden, Matt jumps out and throws a handful of candy on to the stage pieces. Right then, we all stopped pushing the stage and dove for the candy. It was like sled dogs to the meat, ants to the dead bug, pigs to the mama pig. John, the intern, said he had never seen anything like that before. Matt didn't expect us to stop pushing the stage just to eat candy. He figured we'd keep pushing and have the candy AFTER we got the stage put away. Matt underestimated the power of the 3CW appetite.

It just goes to show you... you don't put edible things in front of Three Cord Wonder while we're working on something else. We know, we know, most rock bands look like a bunch of guys who haven't eaten in days. But look at the pictures of us... in fact, we were at Dave's Famous BBQ while we were in Manhattan and Ben confessed that he thinks he has that physical problem where your brain doesn't tell you that you're full and you just keep eating. Josh just nodded while he piled down some more fries and BBQ meat. Iain's metabolism causes his food to disintegrate upon hitting his mouth, and Adam and I, the smaller eaters of the group, can each plow through a whole pizza by ourselves and have room enough for chips and a couple of soft drinks.

In an age where the vast majority of male rockstars have girl pants, girl hair, and girl appetites, we're proud to be the band that sports baggy shorts, short hair, and "mountain-man" appetites. Don't get us wrong... we like girl pants, girl hair, and girl appetites... we just like them on girls!

Save some room at your table for us!



Anonymous said...

HAHA - yeah, that was a bit too much fun... but somehow, by the time I got to the other side of the stage, the candy was gone... but I had the chocolate bag, so I'm good...


feelsopeachy said...

haha. I see my candy did some good.. or maybe not so much. ^_^