Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mobile Fan Club

Hey guys,
Did you sign up for our Mobile Fan Club yet?  You should!
You can get free wallpapers for your phone, ringtones, tour date reminders and a bunch of other stuff.  Right now, we've got clips from "The Best I Have To Offer" and "Made Perfect" available for FREE!  I have "The Best I Have To Offer" on my phone and my wife has "Made Perfect" on hers.  It's fun!
Try it out.
txt:  3cw
to:  33669
(no subject)
And you will get a message back asking you to sign up for the club.  It's easy (I think you reply "y" to the message you get back).  Then you will have free and unlimited access to any exclusive content we put up... which will be more and more in the coming days.  So, go do it... and tell a friend about it, too!
Talk to you soon!
P.S.  We're working on another deal where you will be able to call in and leave us voice mail instead of just email and MySpace messages.  There is even a rumor that we'll be able to respond right back to you that way.  More on that once we figure it out.  Okay, now go sign up for the mobile club.  txt: 3cw to: 33669