Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Three Cord Wonder's New Blog

Right! So we have a new blog. And pretty soon, it will have some entries. I'm pretty jazzed about it. We'll be able to post regular posts, email posts, pictures from our cameras and mobile phones, video from our cameras and mobile phones... it's crazy! It's an exciting time to be alive with this kind of technology.

So, other than the obvious plethora of technological posts, what kind of entries can you expect here? Well, comparatively speaking, while you'll read little bits of news on the UPDATES section at ThreeCordWonderDOTcom, the blog is going to be a combination of news, opinion, and journal. We'll post photos and video from shows (that is, if we remember to take them), share cool stories from the road, personal experiences, and (best of all) talk about our faith.

And we definitely want your thoughts, response, and stories, too. So feel free to comment on anything you read here.

Alright, back to work finishing up everything and then we'll start posting more regularly here. Have a great day!